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A Texas Blue Lodge

New Candidate

Welcome my friend, you are taking a giant step towards you future development as a person and we here at Palo Duro Lodge are glad to get to know you. As you may have heard, to be one you have to ask one. This is just a simple way to let all prospective candidates know that if you want to join the fraternity, you must ask an active Master Mason of the fraternity for an application to be considered for the fraternity. The application process is very easy for the prospective candidate ASK ME. I'm a Master Mason, all you need to do is fill out the form to the right. You will be asking a Master Mason (me) by email and I will be happy to get back in touch with you. There are just a few more thing that you need to know. To be in our fraternity you must be male, 18 years of age or older and of good character. One other thing that you might be interested in, if you want to join the Shiners, Scottish Rite, York Rite or any of the other Masonic fraternal bodies, you have to start with the first 3 degrees of Masonry. And to start your first degrees you are in the right place. The blue lodge is the only place you can get the first 3 important Masonic degrees. I look forward to getting in touch with you.

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